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Reduce Deposit Disputes and make Move-Ins Seamless with THE NEW Resident Inspection App

A better way for move ins:

Easy Setup

Upload your logo, select your brand colors and be ready to go in 5 minutes.

Tenant Request Login

Set login expiration time (example 72 hours) to complete move-in inventory inspection.

Tenant Sends Inspection

Instantly receive images, comments, and all details about the move-in.

Compare with your Existing Inspection

Easily compare the move-in inspection with your existing inspection for fast accountabilty. 

Simple, Convenient Move-Ins.

A complete automated system that you control. 

Require photos to accompany discrepancy comments to prevent tenants from falsifying damages.

5 Minute Setup. Select your Branding and Settings.

Tenants can then request app login details from your website and you remain in control.  

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